Anna Owsian is a Holistic Yoga Alliance

teacher and the founder of the intimate Green House Yoga Studio in West Los Angeles.


A Polish native who graduated with a Master’s degree in Psychology.
She had an opportunity to expand her knowledge and yoga practice under the eye of world renowned mentors like Travis Elliot and Lauren Eckstrom. Under their guidance, she obtained her Yoga Alliance certificate.

An extensive part of Anna’s mission is to spread passion for yoga and to create a non-judgmental, safe, loving and empowering space, which paves the way to long-term self-realization, relaxation, happiness and good health. For Anna, yoga is much more than just a movement. It is a way of life which brings clarity and allows us all to stop, look deeply inside of our hearts and follow the paths which serve us the best. Inviting people to practice, and observing how their lives evolve in their own, unique way is for her the most beautiful and fulfilling reward.

Anna travels across the U.S. and internationally for workshops and courses in order to expand her knowledge about yoga and experience the newest developments to serve her clients in the best possible way!

She invites you to experience a combination of movements and meditation based on elements derived from the following approaches:

  • Vinyasa Yoga

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Yin Yoga

Anna teaches at the beautiful Art of Living Studio, LA Maida Institiute and offers private sessions in her Green House Studio in the West LA area as well as at client’s homes and corporate offices.