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Yoga&Sound Bath Experience

A perfect combination of yoga and sound to connect to yourself and relax your mind, body and soul.

About this Event

Enjoy a 75-minute yoga and sound bath experience with yoga teacher Anna and sound bath practitioner Isabella, focused on deep relaxation and love for yourself.

A sound bath is a beautiful immersive journey with sound. The orchestration of instruments including a gong, crystal singing bowls, ocean drum and chimes, will ease your body into a deep meditative state, activating the nervous system to naturally heal the mind, body and soul. Enjoy the vibrational energy while laying down and allow yourself to follow the sound as it washes over you. Each sound bath experience is different, sometimes being more or less visual, physical, emotional or creative, but each one helps bring you closer to your truest and highest self.

Please bring your yoga mat, blanket(s), water and anything else you may need to be comfortable for yoga and the duration of the sound bath. Optional items: eye mask, crystals, a pillow, and essential oils.

  • $30 presale & friends/family

  • $35 cash or Venmo at the door

Please arrive 10 minutes early to ensure we can start on time at 7pm. Late comers will not be able to join after the start time to ensure a fulfilled experience for all.

**Space is limited to 8 guests for a truly individualized and immersive experience.**


Let's connect!

Anna is a holistic Yoga Alliance teacher and a founder of the intimate Green House Yoga Studio in West Los Angeles. An extensive part of her life's mission is to bring passion to yoga and create a non-judgmental, safe, loving and empowering space, which paves the way to long-term self realization, relaxation, happiness and good health. For Anna, yoga is much more than a movement. It is a way of life which gives clarity and allows all to stop, look deeply inside of our heart and follow the paths which serve us the most. Inviting people to her practice, observing how their lives are unfolding in their own, unique way is the most beautiful and fulfilling reward. So if you want to discover something new, go into unknown or simply pause and relax – come and let’s practice! Find her at

Bella is a yoga teacher and sound bath practitioner in Los Angeles focused on creating experiences for individuals to connect to their truest and highest self. She deeply believes in the power of yoga and meditation to create a healthy dialogue with the inner self, turning inward to give your mind, soul and body love. She loves connecting with individuals and beautiful souls from all walks of life and would love the opportunity to be part of your yoga, meditation and sound bath journey. Connect with her at